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Breakthrough Program


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3 Months


3 Days

Per Week

2 Hours


What You’ll Learn

Standard Program + Basic Videography

Module 1 – Filming, Videography Essential

Introduction to Videography, Video Camcorders and their types, Parts and Functions

Main Controls of a Video Camera: Lens, Controls of Lens, Focusing - Manual & auto, Diaphragm Setting - Manual & Auto

Module 2 – Video Rendering

Lighting: Setup of Flat Lighting for Functions, Porta Light Setup

White Balance: Meaning of White Balance, Manual & Auto White Balance Settings

Shooting Techniques Like Zooming in & out, Panning, Wide to tele shots

Module 3 – Video Editing and Audio Assessment

Audio Recording using XLR Mic for Interview Purposes

Post Production- Titling, Dubbing, Adding Background Music and Duplicating (Adobe Premiere Pro CC)

Plus Entire Standard Program Course